ello, my name is John Hammond, founder of the most astounding biological preserve in entire world.

Over twenty years ago, my company and I took on the enormous task of recapturing the past and returning it to the present for the enjoyment and education of everyone.

Sadly, this grand experiment did not go the way we had planned. We were unable to provide a safe experience for our visitors at that time and the project was abandoned. Unscrupulous characters attempted to plunder this paradise and brought about those unfortunate events in San Diego, California some ten years ago.

Since then, the men and women of this world have found that we bear a responsibility to these incredible creatures, to care for and protect them.

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

The Jurassic Park Rangers were chartered to house, manage and care for the dinosaur specimens created by International Genetics Technologies (InGen) when it was discovered that they would require Man's help to survive.

Along with the Rangers, the staff of the newly reopened Jurassic Park work to preserve and understand the incredible creatures from the past. Rangers, Administrators, Veterinary Staff, Maintenance Workers and more work together on Isla Nublar, a private island off the coast of Costa Rica in Central America.

This Play-by-EMail Roleplaying Game (PBEM/RPG) allows you to create your character, place him or her in to one of the Park's departments and then join in for the fun and frenzy of working with the most incredible creatures ever to walk the Earth.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Jurassic Park Rangers?

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July 12 - Major updates to Staff Page, linking up bios and addresses and uploading new bios.
June 11 - Happy Anniversary to Jurassic Park! Thirteen years ago today, one of the most memorable movies of all time hit the screens. Celebrate today by hugging a raptor or visiting the Jurassic Park Legacy board or joining Jurassic Park Rangers!
May 31 - Major updates to the JPR Website, including a Downloads Page and a Chronicles Page. Equipment pages completed. Additional Pages added to Intranet.
May 27 - Rules Page and Dinopedia online and Equipment Page almost complete.
May 1 - Prototype Dinopedia online, as well as InGen Intranet
March 25 - Prototype Staff Page online

March 24 - Site Construction gets Underway

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Jurassic Park: Rangers © 2006 - Concept by Kurt Goring (All Rights Reserved)
Based on: Jurassic Park - Created by Michael Chricton